Orthonome is a novel orthology prediction pipeline and database developed to be robust to current challenges posed by draft assemblies.

Leveraging a thorough identification of inparalogues (gene duplications) and orphan genes (gene births) - Orthonome is able to predict orthogonal orthology relationships between species with higher recall and reduced error (in review).

Currently implemented: 20 Drosophila species .. and increasing!

If you use Orthonome, kindly cite Rane, RV, Oakeshott, JG, Nguyen, T., Hoffmann, AA, & Lee, SF (2017). Ortho-a new pipeline for predicting high quality orthologous gene sets applicable to complete and draft genomes. BMC genomics , 18 (1), 673.

What makes Orthonome so cool?

Improved accuracy

Greater concordance with species trees. Gets you orthologues closest to ground truth!

Greater recall

Orthonome is able to deliver a greater number of orthologous relationships between species without compromising on quality!.

More robust when using non-model species genomes!

Orthonome has been designed to correct for errors introduced by incomplete assemblies, annotations or fragmented genes - giving more robust and replicable results!